How to invite clients

Before you begin: Once you have logged in, you'll see that there are no portfolios yet available for analysis. To analyze portfolios, you'll need to invite clients and prospects to link their accounts. Once they've linked their accounts, we'll notify you via email and their portfolio analysis will appear inside Draft Insights for you.


Your client invite link: To make inviting clients easy and to give you control of how clients are invited, we've assigned each advisor a unique link that they can share with clients and prospects. You can share this link on your website, in your email signature, or in an email body directly to a client. When a client clicks this link, he'll be directed to sign up and link his financial accounts. We've designed this client account link tool to be easy to use and with bank level 256-bit encryption for security. We don't store your client's financial account login information, nor do we ever see it. When they link their financial accounts, we get a read-only connection to fetch holding and transaction data from their account.



 Step 1: Copy your client invite link.



Step 2: Share your client invite link.


In an email body, you may write something like this and share your invite link:


Step 3: Your client links their accounts.



Step 4: Your client's portfolio is now available for you to analyze.




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